ED1B Mentors is a group of experts and mentors from different industries helping startups and entrepreneurs to build a profitable perpetual business with limited liabilities. Our Vision is to educate and empower a billion people to help them achieve success and financial freedom.
Business owners and entrepreneurs are the big-time contributors to a countries economy. These unsung heroes not only make their life but also are responsible to create a prosperous life for their team and the people associated with them. Empowering one entrepreneur leads to empowering 100 people associated with them.

With the extensive research done by our mentors and faculty on startups for 3 decades and working closely with thousands of entrepreneurs through different incubation centers, we have developed a module that reduces the failure rate of startups. Together we help startups to take them to the desired level of success as per the industry and resources available. From ideation to the successful implementation of the idea and hold their hands through this entire process.

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ED1B Business

An IBM Institute study finds that 90% of Indian startups fail within the first five years of inception.​

According to a CBS Insights study, 42% of them fail when they realize there is no market for their product or service that has been created.​

  • Business-model is weak​

  • Weak core planning​​

  • Exhaustion of funding​

  • Bad partnership or ​Ineffective marketing and most importantly​

  • Lack of customer insight​

  • Leadership Gap​

  • For not having an expert insight of the specific market & industry.​

ED1B Academics

The research and observation of our mentors and coaches for over 30 years in the industry, made us feel that industry orientation and proper training is required for not only students passing out but for the workforce currently building or scaling up their career.​

Even with excellent academic qualifications and great talent, the dissatisfaction in the professional life of these people in most industries is common. So to bridge the gap and help all of you to exceed in your career in life we bring in a variety of courses bridging the gap from campus to corporate.

  • Strategic Management​
  • Corporate Communication
  • Professional orientation Program​
  • Entrepreneurship Development Progra​
  • General Marketing​
  • Leadership Training​
  • Kaizen Theory
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing
  • Digital Marketing
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Sudipta Banerjee


Arindam Mukhopadhyay

Business Transformation CoachDirector at ED1B Mentors

Ashish Prasad

Digital Strategist & Cloud Consultant Director at ED1B Mentors  | Founder & CEO, SOFTRE

Ayon Ghosh

Social Media Marketing Strategist, Consultant & Trainer, Director at EDIB Mentors

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